The Druze Faith – The Galilee’s Mountain Dwellers. Between villages and homes

Estern Galilee – Mountain Dwellers – the cuisine of the Druze, between villages and homes

The Druze have a lineage of over 1000 years in the land of Israel, Syria and Lebanon. What is the Druze religion and how has it been kept secret for all these years? Much like the Druze religion, the secrets of the Druze kitchen have also been passed down from one generation to the next, with knowledge of the seasonal plants and herbs. 

For hundreds of years the Druze villages were cut off and hidden in the mountains of the Galilee and the Golan Heights. Their solitary locations created a tradition of natural food, based on independent local produce. The many generations of gathering wild plants alongside mountainous agriculture have created a world of rich and deep-rooted flavors.

Culinary stops:

  • Opening with a warm sweet pastry – “kanafa” that has just come out of the oven, accompanied by herbal tea and coffee.
  • Winter time (November – March) – Harvesting wild greens in the wadi near Klil and preparing a “farmers’ meal” from the plants we gathered. (Between November and March)
  • Summer time (April – October) a farm-opening meal from what is accompanied by a story and explanation by the farm owner.
  • Visit homes and taste a drink based on an ancient recipe
  • Tasting traditional dishes in a family restaurant located below their home
  • A short tour of ancient “Jatt” – an explanation of traditions and a visit to the grave of a Druze prophet
  • A heart-warming hospitality experience with a charming family, a rich meal and explanations about the dishes 
  • Optional – soap making workshop from olive oil

Duration: 3 hours 

Recommended time and limitations: Every day from 10am to 8pm 

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