Neve Sha’anan Neighborhood, Tel Aviv – Immigrant and refugee kitchens

Over the years, the Neve Sha’anan Neighborhood (also known as the Central Bus Station neighborhood) has become Israel’s “immigrant city”. Initially, the neighborhood experienced a negative migration crisis due to the construction of Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Stations. Later, the neighborhood became riddled with dangerous criminals. The lack of police presence, alongside the many empty apartments, attracted migrant workers who were expelled from labor organizations.

In the past decade, tens of thousands of refugees and migrants from Africa have crossed into Israel and arrived in the neighborhood. The majority have integrated into the labor force and have established families who live as part of communities within the neighborhood. Neve Sha’anan Street, which used to be characterized by shoe stores, is now a thriving immigrant economy and its many shops now provide services mainly to immigrants. In this tour, we have the opportunity to peek into another world, an authentic modern-day “kibbutz of exiles”, through the unique restaurants and markets in the neighborhood.

Culinary stops:

  • Traditional drink from the Philippines
  • A delicious meal at a Filipino restaurant
  • Tasting of rare raw materials at a Chinese grocery store
  • A delicious meal in an Eritrean restaurant
  • Roasted nuts from an 85 years old store – one of the last Jewish stores in the neighborhood
  • A visit to the “Hamra” restaurant (a drink and meeting house), taste traditional juice
  • A meal  in a Sudanese restaurant
  • Visit and tasting at an Indian grocery store
  • A delicious meal at a Nepali restaurant

Duration: about three hours

Recommended time and limitations: Every day between 10:00 and 21:00

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