Levinsky Market Foodies Tour

Ahuzat Bayit is considered Tel Aviv’s first official Hebrew neighborhood. It started as a “garden-neighborhood” where the construction of commercial buildings and shops was forbidden.  In order to do their shopping, residents had to go all the way to the hostile Jaffa market. At the same time, the owner of the Jaffa market raised the prices of the market’s stalls.

A group of courageous merchants decided to establish a commercial center near the developing city of Tel Aviv. They bought land on which there were groves and instead of citrus trees, they “planted” shops.

All of the merchants in the new commercial area built their homes above their shops, creating a new neighborhood as well, with a unique mix of residents – Jews from all over the world living in one small neighborhood. This created a very diverse commercial center in its offerings, especially in the foods available to passers-by.

Since then and to this day, Levinski Street is a unique market with food stores, stalls and raw materials covering nearly the entire culinary spectrum.

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