“Sips and Bites” – A boutique evening Tasting Tour of the Carmel Market

In recent years, the Carmel Market’s character has undergone various changes on the commercial and cultural levels. Instead of stalls selling raw materials and produce, we see more and more restaurants and fast food stalls with global influences, beverage houses and other entertainment venues.

Tel Aviv – Kerem Hateymanim and the Carmel Market

The tour will take us through the Kerem HaTeymanim -Yemenite’s Vineyard Neighborhood, the Carmel Market and the Nachalat Binyamin pedestrian mall. During the tour, we will stop at a number of “pioneering” restaurants, which are open during the area’s “off-hours”, when most of the businesses are closed. Each restaurant has its own story and specialty, and we will discover their culinary and cultural inspirations – and no less important – we will sip “L’chaim” to various unique alcoholic beverages alongside the delicacies.

Along with visits to the various restaurants, the tour will be accompanied by stories of the neighborhoods’ establishment and formation from their beginning until today.

The idyllic neighborhood was established by Yemenite immigrants and is crowded and dense, yet quiet and pleasant at the same time. Within the Kerem, you will find authentic culinary treasures and hear fascinating stories about the neighborhood from its beginning and until today.

Tel Aviv’s first market – the Carmel Market – was established at around the same time as the Kerem, by immigrants from Russia who built the market to overcome a labor shortage and provide a place for the residents of the new city to purchase goods.

The combination of the two adjacent locations provides a diverse cultural experience and through this tour, we will get to know the range of cultures as exemplified in several restaurants.

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