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We at Travel Specialist, help travelers from all over the world to plan & preform their dream trip, to the highest standards. Our goal is to grant our clients all touring services as a one stop shop, while promoting unique traveling experiences & social tourism.

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Why would you need an agency? Because you deserve a properly organized vacation. Because you would love to have someone tailor the perfect vacation-suit for you. Because we know every nook, any special attraction or lovely corner in here. Because we offer the best travel services you can wish for.

Experience Nature

Reconnect to nature. Feel the freedom and enjoy the peace and simplicity it offers. Take a few steps with bare feet. Impressed by the intensity of the desert. Take a meditation or yoga workshop . Experiment with sleeping in a tent. Learn about edible or spice plants that you have never heard of. Allow yourself to reflect on the beauty of nature.

Touring diffrently

For those who want vacations done the right way

Innovative Boutique Travel Company

We at Travel Specialist, help travelers from all over the world to plan & preform their dream trip, to the highest standards.

Our goal is to grant our clients all touring services as a one stop shop, while promoting unique traveling experiences & social tourism.

We offer the best Professional tour guides, booking and operational touring services & we Create unique custom made activities & tours according to clients requests.

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Gabo The Guide

C.E.O & Travel Specialist

I’m Gabriel Najenson, also known as Gabo The Guide! Born in Buenos Aires, Grew up in Jerusalem.  Travel Specialist, Tour Guide  & Travel Architect for the past 5 years.  Tailoring private tours though Israel, Jordan & Latin America.

“Travel is like an endless university. You never stop learning.” Harvey Lloyd.

Alon Yaffe - Travel Specialist

Alon Yaffe

Office Manager & Tour Operator

A worthwhile quality trip is built from a collection of unique experiences, places that touch you personally, a real taste of nature, preferably by the feet, a direct contact with local people and their culture, connection between past and present, magical moments that are created during the way, pleasant company, and of course a guide that knows to connect all of the ingredients of the puzzle, which gives a full and authentic picture.

Miya Rothem

Senior Travel Architect

Travel Expert & Production Manager. Deals with tailor made projects, delivering the highest standards above all expectations

Happy Testaments from our
dear Travelers

Our Senior Travel Architects will make sure that your trip will be the one you wish for.

Gabriel is the best storyteller that you could meet as a traveler, he accompanied me and my 4 girlfriends in Jerusalem during an unusual rainy day over there and despite to the weather we LOVED it! As a guide is punctual, super organized, highly prepared, pragmatic, honest and kind which will guarantee you an excellent service. However, the best thing about him is that he is way more then an amazing tour guide. He will make you feel places from the inside, he will make you laugh and smile, he will take care of your safety and well being during your trip, he will teach you interesting new things, he will listen to you and respect your way to feel the trip, he will make you taste the best food and he will make you feel the love and culture he has for History, Architecture, Nature, Culture and Religion. I would trust him everywhere and with everyone in this world. Thank you Gabriel 😊😊😊

Anna Schiraldi

My family just returned from a trip to Israel. We can’t say enough about Travel Specialist & Gabo, and what a great time we had. Gabo made it so enjoyable and fun. He is not only very personable, but also a warm and inviting individual. We bonded with him right from the beginning and he and my 6 year old son (who says he was the best thing about our vacation) became best friends right away. Gabo is very knowledgeable about Israeli history, life and culture. He gave us the VIP treatment, planning a great itinerary, while making sure our comfort was a priority throughout. He told us he gives tours in other countries as well. We will certainly contact him for our next trip. If you want to go to Israel to learn, laugh and have fun (and eat!), Gabo will not dissapoint you.

Candance Staruss

My wife and children (11 & 13) just concluded an 11 day tour with Gabo. I cannot sing his praises enough! He made our trip to Israel absolutely amazing. Gabo felt like a member of our family, providing an unimaginable experience. He is highly educated and has a true mastery of history of the Middle East, Israel, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Druz and mostly every other group that has inhabited this land for the past 3+ thousand years. History, politics, religion, customs, FOOD, and how they are all intertwined and layered upon each other like a cake. Speaking of cake, he took us to eat, and eat and eat at the best places all around Israel. Always surprising us with something even more delicious and special to that particular area. Most importantly Gabo has a wonderful sense of humor and has such passion and love for what he does; traveling, and the people he is traveling with. He has a true love for travel and sharing knowledge. His excitement for enlightening us with information, stories, and meeting locals and hearing their stories was awesome. My children loved him. He was able to relate to them, and interact extremely well with them and us. He is also very flexible, easily working around and hiccups and altering the itinerary as needed. If you need a guide, look no further, you just found him! We plan to see him again and keep in touch. Gabo is simply the best!

Craig A. Rothenberg

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